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Přes 20 let praxe našeho mistra a oděvního výtvarníka. Přes 20 let společné práce celého jeho týmu na udržení kvality a tradice dělá z našich oděvů exkluzivní produkt. Tím, že se stanete našimi zákazníky, se rozhodnete nedělat kompromisy. Vyberte si u nás ze vzorníků více než šesti stů druhů látek či z našich skladových zásob a rozhodněte se podpořit českou značku a zároveň novou generaci krejčích.

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bespoke dvoudílný oblek od 29 000 Kč

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bespoke košile od 3 400 Kč

bespoke kabát od 28 000 Kč

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Nové látky z klasické anglické kolekce Dormeuil, Royal 11, tkaniny nejvyšší kvality z čisté vlny s gramáží 350grs/11.5 oz jsou ideální pro zikní obleky. S jistotou se bude jednat o nový best seller v nejvyšší řadě bespoke obleků. Odolný a lehce zpracovatelný materiál, s perfektní splývavostí, jsou exkluzivně zpracovány v Anglii v klasickém designu jenž značka Dormeuil drží již 100 let.

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E. Zegna Anteprima autunno inverno 2019

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Holland & Sherry AW19

Since 1836 Holland & Sherry has continued to supply prestigious tailors and luxury brands with some of the finest cloths in the world. Stephen George Holland and Frederick Sherry began the business as woolen merchants at 10 Old Bond Street, London, specializing in both woolen and silk cloths. In 1886 Holland & Sherry moved premises to Golden Square, at the time the epicenter of the woolen merchanting trade. By 1900 the firm was exporting to many countries, it was around that time a sales office was established in New York. In the early part of the 20th century, the United Kingdom, Europe, North and South America were the dominant markets for the company. Amongst other distribution arrangements, there was a Holland & Sherry warehouse in St. Petersburg, Russia – a successful market prior to the revolution and now being successfully renewed. By 1982 the business moved to Savile Row, which remains as our registered head office. In 1968 Holland & Sherry bought Scottish cloth merchant, Lowe Donald, based at Peebles, in the Scottish Borders and decided to locate their distribution to the purpose built warehouse there. Of all the cloth merchants of Golden Square, which were established in the late 1800's, only Holland & Sherry remains. Over the decades we have purchased nearly twenty other wool companies. We are constantly engaged in research for ever fine and more luxurious fibres and fabric qualities; sourcing the finest natural fibres, ranging from Super 240's, cashmere to pure worsted Vicuña. Our cloths are woven in the time honoured way to assured quality and good taste. A bespoke tailored garment in luxury Holland & Sherry cloth is truly an investment and always a pleasure to wear.

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Corpus Line MTM

CORPUS LINE BY WILVORST is presented for the coming winter season in a rock star ambience that reflects the individuality of the wearer. A hint of eccentricity in combination with individual taste is style building for the new seasonal appearance. Under the slogan „YOUR PERSONAL SUIT“ the high grade of individualization possibilities is being expressed. The big trend of individualization can be transferred perfectly with this programme offering a most manifold choice of fabrics, linings, buttons and options. Exclusive cloths differentiate themselves in quality and pattern from the ordinary offer in the trade. Especially checked fabrics are indispensable. Retro optics, bold with coloured decoration, separate from the surplus supply of plain fabrics. Structures and multi-coloured yarns create a vintage look that nowadays belongs to everyday clothing. Most valuable weavers like Guabello, Huddersfield, Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana and Ariston, are next to the house collection indispensable modules. Of course own fabrics can be produced as well. New style options like contrasting stand-up collars and trendy 2-pleat trousers complete the programme. Coloured linings and new button variations complete the offer. A special highlight are style cards to assist the sales person which show looks in qualities from Loro Piana and the house bunch. The style cards can be ordered from the representatives as a support for the sales conversation. The segment CEREMONIA offers most manifold festive and semi-festive articles for party and wedding, the new alternative for bridal shops. The individualized wedding suit, with monogram or embroidery under the collar, offers endless possibilities for a unique product. This new product niche for the formal part separates clearly from the ordinary offers.

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Luxury & Exclusive Fabrics Worldwide Delivery

aktuální nabídka italských materiálů na pánské košile a dámské šaty

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Harris Tweeds

Guardians of the Orb “Protecting our legacy” The passing of an Act of Parliament in 1993 brought into being the Harris Tweed Authority, a new statutory body replacing the original Harris Tweed Association set up in 1909. The fundamental role of the organisation was to undertake responsibility for promoting and maintaining the authenticity, standard and reputation of the world famous HARRIS TWEED cloth. The Authority oversees the production and inspection of the cloth from start to finish and only when satisfied that the article is genuinely deserving of our historic Orb will we brand the cloth with the mark. The mark of the Orb, pressed onto every length of cloth and seen on the traditional label affixed to finished items, guarantees the highest quality tweed, dyed, spun and handwoven by islanders of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland in their homes to the laws outlined in the Harris Tweed Act of Parliament. The Harris Tweed Act The definition of HARRIS TWEED contained in the Harris Tweed Act of 1993 clearly defines HARRIS TWEED as follows: “Handwoven by the islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides, finished in the Outer Hebrides, and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.” The Act ensures that all cloth certified with the HARRIS TWEED Orb symbol complies with this definition and is genuine HARRIS TWEED, the world’s only commercially produced handwoven tweed. The legislation and organisation allows the safeguarding of the HARRIS TWEED name, quality and reputation of HARRIS TWEED ensuring that every metre of the world famous cloth conforms to the same exacting standards and gives legal powers to address imitation and counterfeiting of the cloth worldwide.

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